Soccer, or football depending where a person lives, is one of the most popular sports around the world, which is why a lot of people buy soccer boots. Most contact sports require specialized gear in order for it to played. American football for example has helmets and padding, Hockey has ice skates and soccer has soccer boots. What makes these shoes different from other shoes are the cleats or studs located at the bottom of the shoe.

Technically speaking, today’s modern soccer boots aren’t strictly boots since they are cut below a person’s ankles. A lot of companies spent a lot of their time, resources and effort into the research and development in improving these boots. Shoes in soccer are xem bong da truc tuyen probably just as important as footwear used in other sports like how basketball has shoes that lets the players jump really high or how hockey skates are meant to be more durable and have a better performance than a typical ice skate.

Today’s soccer boots are much more high tech than its predecessors. The very first boots used in playing soccer were just plain work boots. These work boots were heavy but were also very durable. The game has changed and wearing a heavy but durable shoe is not advisable. Besides, today’s soccer boots are designed to be durable and at the same time perform better. Leather used to be the staple material but today soccer shoes are typically made out of rubber as it is a lot lighter and allows some breathing room for a player’s feet.

Another major difference between the soccer footwear of yesterday and today is the amount of design involved in manufacturing a shoe. During the early days of the sport the soccer shoes only came in one color, black. Today, just walk into any soccer store or any sporting goods outlet and a huge variety of colors and designs will be available. Some come in the color pink, purple, blue, red, green, even gold, but black is still around even today.

The very first soccer footwear wasn’t as technically marvellous as they ones today. Shoes today have cleats and studs. Better and more innovative designs are being introduced by manufacturers almost every year in attempt to find the next big thing. Perhaps an example would be soccer blades located below the shoe instead of studs. Soccer boots will continue to evolve as long as people play the sport.

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