Whenever I see one of the new and modern motor scooters traveling briskly along, a brief, sharp pang of emotion traces through my thoughts. A bit of memory causes me to stop for a moment. Although the modern motor scooters are much classier than my first scooter, there is still a connection. The first scooter that I enjoyed for many years was a Cushman and a lot of enjoyable memories return when it come to mind.

Although it was just over six decades ago, the memory is clear as yesterday. Never will I forget the moment I laid eyes on my sparkling blue dream, the first motorized vehicle that I had ever owned. Just slightly past the end of the big world war, I recall that the world had just begun to return to normal. A beautiful fall day, my attention wandered to thoughts of my Cushman that my dad had managed to purchase something in a very difficult buyers market. After years of rationing and shortages of autos, motorcycles … and scooters … all were difficult to come by but he managed to order my pleasant imagining dream.

I found it very difficult to keep my mind on whatever my teacher was valiantly trying to propose to the class and my mind continued to wander. Only noting bits and pieces of her instruction amongst visions of my forthcoming scooter, I really was trying to be attentive but it was very difficult. To make it more difficult, my dad was, beyond the obvious station of being my father, was also the principal of the elementary school which I attended earlier in life. Earlier, on passing by to the cafeteria that was in the grade school, I had noted that dad was not in his office as usual and I briefly wondered where he might have been this day. Of course, in his position as principal of the next door elementary school, it was always necessary for him to always be going out on different chores.

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My thoughts were brought to life with the appearance of the student proctor appearing in the doorway of the classroom. Barely hearing my name, a strict demand that I should go to the office brought me back to life quickly. Knowing that dad was not in his office, a cold feeling washed over me as I realized that I was being instructed to go to the office, now. Not having any idea of what could be wrong, I quickly picked up my books and nervously made my way to the office of the principal. To say that I was anxious might have been an understatement.

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