Winter wear is filling all the store racks all through the cold time of year. The shelves are bursting with chunky and heavy attire all designed to keep you warm. And a large amount of them appear quite dreary and some are positively hideous. Keeping you warm, seems to the only purpose in the eyes of the designers. They sprout about the latest water-resistant, sweat eliminating, weightless capabilities, but rarely take into account the actual garment look.

Furthermore, it may seem that the quality of a number of the goods, is designed to see you through this winter only. As soon as the cold weather reappears, you frequently have to buy a new set of winter attire. This turns out to be a costly and rather frustrating problem. However, unless you would like to freeze, you have few options.

For years, I went through the above cycle, mostly only too glad when the weather heated up, to be able to get rid of the unsightly and unwieldy winter clothes. Until I decided I had had enough. This little annual exercise, was costing me too much, and I definitely did not appear chic in the warm winter woollies. Something needed to change.

This time around, I decided to actually be somewhat more intelligent about this whole episode. I began early enough, to carry out a little fundamental research. To my revelation, I found that there was really a fairly easy answer. Not cheap, but much more cost efficient over time. I found, that there are actually makers, that recognize this problem, and have coped with it in a realistic way. Their answer, create stylish, high quality, tough outfits, that can be kept for a long time.

Obviously, there needed to be a few compromises. You could not match the exact latest fashion look that would be gone tomorrow, but needed to achieve a design that would be elegant and stylish, to be timeless. An added concern, was of course, that only the best grade textile and material could be used, to yield the clothing as sturdy as it needed to be to last for a long time. Furthermore the biggest problem seemed to be to create the actual goods light and efficient enough that they could really be stored without too much difficulty.

Truth be told, there are some suppliers that managed this. One of the best that I found, manages to pull off all of this, without a cost that is completely ridiculous. In reality, if you are able to keep their garments for only two or more seasons, their price becomes inexpensive. The greatest advantage though is the fact that they have superbly smart and modern, enduring styles, that you could sport for a truly long time and at all times appear as if you had just bought them.

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